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Patrick King

Patrick King

Hello there and welcome!

It is great to have you visit my site.

My name is Patrick King: Creator of Experiences, or more formally Choreographer and Director if you so prefer.

My career has been a criss-cross between different styles,techniques and arenas which has taken me from the classical world of ballets to modern and contemporary dance to video, film and fashion. Creating for Opera and theatre and cultural manifestations such as the Olympic Games, Cirque du Soleil and the Venice film festival. A path of constant evolution from my artistic origin in classical ballet along the lines of George Balanchine via Arthur Mitchell at Dance Theater of Harlem.

The main focuses of my work as a choreographer are the re-imagining of the presentation of dance to create ways for the public to experience the dance in different ways, and the removal of the fourth wall - taking away the distance between the artist and the public. To place the public in a space of mind where they are no longer just passive observers but active players in the narrative of the experience.

By provoking an authentic meeting of the artist and the public the experience of the senses are stimulated, challenging both to re-visit what they think they know. Crossing and mixing references of popular and high culture with the historic and archeological and the modern urban impulses to form a fresh theatrical language which provokes a spacial and body awareness in both.

Thank you for visiting. This is a very short introduction of myself. On the other pages you'll find out more about my background, method and some examples of my work.