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Salon k Privé


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    Photo by Johan King Silverhult

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    Photo by Fernando Miceli

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    Photo by Natacha Merritt

“It’s like a salon from 1920s Berlin: interesting people coming together, sophisticated conversation and performances, Champagne.“ International Herald Tribune

“Imagine Cabaret meets Cirque du Soleil and you get something like Salon K. ...something otherworldly” New York Times


The Salon K Prive experience is an elegant informal yet tightly structured full evening happening. The aim here is to revisit and re invent the salons of it's predecessor of the nineteenth century while still bringing together performers of the highest caliber. And imbuing the happening with the cool and freshness of a modern cosmopolitan social gathering.

Audience members enjoy a series of enlivening and fresh performances, sharing them with others of different backgrounds. Performers, too benefit from participating in a larger social nexus.

Without a stage or other insulating barriers, the environment is fluid and permeable, something which is much needed in today’s arts scene.


These evenings provide the audience with chances to meet and mingle with each other and with the artists in between the sets. The tech is simple and essential, With the decor of a beautiful setting, candle light and flowing champagne, and the intervention of culinary delights. The Dining experience of the Salon K Privé is something other than the regular sit down at table scenario. The menu and the mode of service is not your big plate of food sort of thing nor is it nuovelle cuisine minimalism. It is nourishing and energetic. The presentation a pleasing aesthetic and the flavors surprising. Even this element becomes an interactive part of the event. This makes for a beautiful artistic and invigorating experience

The guests are required to shut off their phones and no photos are allowed at any time during the evening. The point is to enjoy the Now. Guests are requested to talk to someone who they do not know. Think of something that they have not thought of in a long time and to say something that they have never said to anyone before that night. The evening is divided into four sets of performance. Between the performance sets the guests are encouraged to mingle amongst each other and with the artists. In some occasions food and champagne is served by the artists. For the Salon K experience in Berlin the tone is inspired by the Berlin of the roaring twenties and it's sensual abandon.

The theme is Eros and Thanatos. Dance song and and poetry form enticing images. Images thoughts which one might normally keep in the shadows are exposed and placed into view. Questions arrive but there are no fixed answers produced. Just an opening of the mind to things desired and wished for. The fear of being is removed.

The first three performance sets range in duration from ten to fifteen minutes each. The fourth and last set is 30 to 40 min in duration.The artists are the hosts. They preside over the space and see to it that the guests are cared for and comfortable. This is an interactive experience where the public is never quite sure if the performers are performing or at ease. In fact it is a combination of the two.


The evening is meticulously choreographed to seem improvised. The guests experience a flow of seemingly disparate scenes. It is a as if you would see first a scene from one movie then it turns into a Broadway show then a sort of revue or a show in a bar. At other moments the performance is of a technically demanding choreography comparable to what one might see on the main stage of a grand theater. Other times it could be a virtuoso Opera aria.


The scenes all tumble around in the viewers mind where the images all seem familiar yet not. They might search for where they might have seen that image or heard that song. Sometimes the origin is obvious other times it is only just a fragment of something familiar. The narrative is made of this seemingly disparate flow which only after the guests are gone home or on to something else does it begin to really make sense. They realize the meaning is about freedom of being. While they are still in the space with the artists enjoying the experience they are by the end of the evening feeling a sense of elation.