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Motivation - What My Work is About

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The Artist.

What gives me my greatest satisfaction is the working process with the individual artist. To be able to see the unique human and artistic potential that can be difficult for the artist him/herself to see from the inside, but possible with an outside, less subjective view. Following my intuition, through psychology and the artist’s craft as well as internal reflection, the hidden facets of the person is given the confidence and means to be brought out on stage. The pleasure of seeing an artist become even more of he or she is one of the biggest pleasures as a creator.

The Public.

The audience are the reason why we perform. Without a public, art looses its raison d’être.

In our technological times, we are bombarded with information and superficial stimulus. But to be fully alive, we need real emotional experiences that have deeper sensual repercussions. This is what art, and especially live performances can and should offer.

My work is providing the artist with the psycological and physical tools to bring the public into their emotional journey on stage, thus living that shared experience together. An experience that stimulates and highten their senses, giving them an emotional fully lived experience that takes the public away from their everyday existance. An emotional experience that challenges the public as well as the artists to re-visit what they think they know, giving way for another kind of internal reflection.

The Society we live in.

In my work as well as my personal life, I have always crossed and mixed cultural references. What interests me are the stories I see around me. The sensuality and sensitivity of the man and woman in the world. The interplay or juxtaposition of the individual and society.