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Method - The Rehearsal Studio

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My method of working is creating a free mind-space. A free mind-space for the artist and for myself. A complete suspension of judgement or pre judgement. In this space I become a sort of resistant yet elastic forcefield that the artists can bounce off of or slam themselves up against. I remain vigilant and cull and shape the moments where the artists are authentic and able to channel this authenticity through their craft and technique. I hold them to the highest of standards of the profession and construct simple yet straightforward structures and framework through choreography and staging.

The artist is the center of the expression.

What I am looking for is subtle and fleeting. It requires unrelenting vigilance to keep track of because authentic moments only happen in the present - in the Now. When one has clear parameters of action and total freedom of Being, within those parameters this is possible. Even to replicate. Creating the proper framework where this is possible is what I do. This process is the same, whatever the theme and style are the premises of the performance.