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Dance Today

Dance in today’s world

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As a choreographer in the 21st century I am interested in the re-imagining of the function of dance and it's relationship to the body, society and institution. This provokes a series of questions which I use as a sort of netting that becomes at once the basis and the expression of the work.


The body’s intuitive nature and how that is freed through the discipline of the craft. The artist and his or her relationship to their body in relation to society. Who they are and how they use their bodies to express their individuality. How do they relate to the now of the situation? How do I get them to be their authentic selves in the now? How do different physical spaces affect how the artist uses his/her body?


How does the artist move through society's labyrinth of do's and do not’s? In our society, who am I and how do I ... be me? How does society deal with the uniqueness of the individual. Is this uniqueness assimilated and celebrated or is it questioned, rejected or met with indifference? How does the life-story of the artist influence his/her expression as artists?


How does the institution view it's own evolution as a channel of the artistic expression?